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2 Timothy 2:2 (Paul says:)

 “And the things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, these entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also.”



We would like to welcome you to our journey of following Jesus’ will for His people. We also want to offer to help you find or improve your journey Jesus has for you. We believe God has designed each person with a God given significant destiny, as a son or daughter of God. You are uniquely YOU. There is no one else exactly like you in all of creation. Therefore you have a very important part to play in God’s plan for all humanity. If any one of us fails to find and fulfill our God-given destiny, then we will leave a hole in the beautiful tapestry that God is weaving with all mankind. So let us know if we can help you find and fulfill “your one-of-a-kind fit” in God’s creation.

We believe the highest fulfillment for any human being is to spend one’s life growing in an ever increasing close friendship with God, through Jesus Christ, while discovering and fulfilling what God designed and destined for you.

We invite you to explore the following topics in this ABOUT US tab. While you do, let the DREAMS God put inside of you come flowing out. Then we challenge you to step out in faith and go live God’s dreams for you.

What you will find in the ABOUT US tabs

YWAM Austin Liberty Frontier’s MISSION

Five Overall Objectives followed by a 7-phase disciple-making plan which is our “road
map” to accomplish Jesus’ vision for YWAM Austin Liberty Frontiers.

YWAM Austin Liberty Frontier’s VISION

Our vision, that spawned our mission, is simply the dreams of Jesus that he expresses in
His word. He intends for His people to fulfill them.

So we provide you with a list of the guiding scriptures that God has burned on our heart
since the original mission-vision for the base that we received in January of 1985.


We desire to encourage and build up the Body of Christ with the local and global mission richness God has given us.

What is YWAM?

A brief description of 50 year-old YWAM.

YWAM’s Statement of Faith

YWAM’s 17 Foundational Values

We pray you have a rich and fulfilling journey with JESUS!


Jon & Tanya Dorris
YWAM Austin Liberty Frontiers
Austin, Texas, USA

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