What is YWAM?

Youth With A Mission was founded by Loren Cunningham 50 years ago. It started out with a vision to train and send young people to do mission work throughout the earth. As YWAM pioneered excellent mission equipping, it quickly became popular among people of all ages (including second career people, families with children, and even people in their 60s and 70s).

YWAM has grown into the largest mission organization in the world, with over 1000 operating locations in over 170 nations. Basically YWAM endeavors to offer local & global mission training compatible with the basic Christian beliefs of most Christian denominations or Christian church affiliations. YWAM has approximately 19,000 full time missionaries throughout the world. Each of the 1000 YWAM operating locations has the freedom to tailor their mission functions to the specific God-given directives for them, while adhering to YWAM’s Statement of Faith and YWAM’s 17 core values which are compatible to most Christian faiths. Knowing God and making Him known is YWAM’s heart.

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