Economic & Community Development


The Austin Economic & Community Development Center is dedicated to helping individuals and communities (locally & globally) climb out of poverty of any kind. Our desire is to see all people reach their full potential in life.

  • CREATING AWARENESS – We first help people understand what exactly is the “Poverty Mentality”. Even rich people can have the poverty mentality.
  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT – We believe a person must discover their personality and gift mix (the way they are “wired”).
  • ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT – Finally we help people unlock the creativity that is within them, along with understanding how to live it out in synergy with other people.

Our TMEC (The Missionary Entrepreneur Course) is one of our equipping tools to help people and communities accomplish these above goals. TMEC includes:

  • Small to Medium Business Curriculum
  • Living effectively in God’s Kingdom

To learn more about the TMEC click on our link: The Missionary Entrepreneur Course (TMEC)

This TMEC can be morphed in part or all and applied in numerous settings, depending on the need of the people.

We also have English as a Second Language (ESL) available.

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