What is the AUDTS?

Austin Urban Discipleship Training School (AUDTS) is a DTS tailored for the opportunities and challenges of cities, like Austin, where you have the opportunity to interact with people from all over the world.  The 10/40 window is in our communities.  Our goal is to impact them here for Jesus.  The AUDTS will help equip you to make that goal reachable.

DTS, a prerequisite for all YWAM secondary schools and staff, is an interactive, life-changing experience where you discover a deep and intimate relationship with God.  Our AUDTS is unique, in that, it centers the teaching and outreach phases of a DTS in the Austin area and other urban areas.  It allows you to experience what you are learning AS you learn.

From a variety of gifted speakers, you will learn and practice

  • The Character, Nature, and Father Heart of God
  • Hearing God’s Voice
  • Who is the Holy Spirit and Why We Need Him
  • Who You are in Christ and Your Unique Gifts and Calling
  • What did Jesus Accomplish on the Cross and How It Applies to Our Life Now
  • What is a Biblical Worldview
  • Reading and Studying Scripture
  • Intercessory Prayer and Worship
  • Inner Healing and Wholeness
  • Missions in the City
  • What does it mean to Impact a City and/or Nation for God.

Experiencing Austin

You will have many opportunities to enjoy and experience the city of Austin.  It is a fun, vibrant city that embraces the love of music, art, humanity, sports, family, good health, and the great outdoors.  The Austin area is full of parks, water sports, museums, many forms of music and theatrical venues, colleges/universities, and church communities.

Internship Opportunity

You will be working as an intern in an organization or marketplace that will put to practice your missions heart in an interactive environment two days a week.  This will allow you to build your skills in an area you want to continue participating with at the end of the AUDTS in Austin or city of your choice.  Your area of interest may be centered around working with survivors of Human Trafficking, Children and Teens at Risk, Changing Culture through the Arts, Marketplace, Health/Wellness, Sports Initiatives, Refugees, and countless others.

Community Volunteering

You’ll be given opportunities to impact the Austin area as you volunteer with an organization whose cause you believe in or want to learn about.

Research Projects

And throughout the training, you will interact in teams on four research projects that will help you understand the rich cultures within a city.  These projects will help you learn how to research, create a plan, and how you can implement that plan for changing cities and nations for Jesus by using your talents and creative giftings such as art, photography, videography, sportsmanship, music, etc.

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