Volunteer opportunities in our YWAM Austin base community

We want to create opportunities for mature Christians to volunteer with YWAM Austin Liberty Frontiers. It takes a well rounded Christian family community to raise up the next generation of true disciples of Christ. Our heart desire is to create ways for non-YWAMers (Friends of YWAM) to enjoy our Christian YWAM community while using their giftings to sow into this next generation . Below is the statement taken from our staff opportunity page.

If you like what you see contact us for volunteer opportunities.

God has called YWAM Austin to plant vision and destiny not only in the lives of our students, but in the lives of our leaders and staff. It is our hope that as we live together in community that we will bring out strengths in each other, as well as, helping to identify weaknesses that only living in Biblical community can do. It is our heart to help each other mature as true disciples of Jesus Christ. We believe that God has given us all gifts and talents that make us unique, and He has a specific purpose that only each one of us can fulfill. It is our deepest desire that we work together to live out the plans and purposes that God has placed in each of our hearts, so that we in turn, can encourage the dreams of God in others. If you have graduated from a YWAM DTS and would like more information on how you could join our base and/or school staff, please contact us



YWAM Austin Liberty Frontiers
PO Box 1466
Cedar Park, TX 78630


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