Jesus & Technology

Technology is God’s gift to improve the well-being of mankind. Technology powerfully shapes the world. How will these gifts be used? For good or evil?

Technology, as part of the Marketplace societal domain (one of the 7) will be one of the arenas YWAM Austin is engaged in. Several times in the past God has had us work on shaping this domain. We feel this ministry work will continue both locally and globally.

The following story illustrates how God desires to shape technology with the Kingdom of God. A dear friend from India testifies what his life was like without Jesus, as he obtained his bachelors degree in India and masters degree in Europe. Then he came to the University of Texas at Austin to obtain his PhD in chemical engineering. Shortly after arriving to Austin he met Jesus and gave himself completely to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. During his stay in Austin, he grew strong in his relationship with Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God. He achieved major breakthroughs in a certain area of chemical engineering. However, now that he is closely walking with Jesus he is stewarding his technological advances for the betterment of mankind versus his selfish desires that he used to live out before he met Jesus. To God be the glory.

God-willing, YWAM Austin will continue to make disciples for Christ in this crucial societal domain of technology – marketplace.

Are you involved in technology? Do you need help in bringing the Kingdom of God to your domain? We are designing ways to help. 

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