International Students

International Students are the next leaders of our world. Who will influence their lives? What kind of character will they develop? Will they improve the world, or will they lead the world into destruction?

YWAM Austin Liberty Frontiers has been forming partnerships with other ministries that are serving the International Students. As YWAMers surface with a passion to serve these students we will sow our love into them.

When a student travels to another foreign country to attend a university, they encounter many cultural hardships and adjustments. This is a very difficult time for them. We that live in the city, that they are going to school in, can offer to come alongside them and help them get adjusted. We can extend our friendship to them. We can open our homes to them on national holidays. We can help them with all sorts of practical needs to help them get established in our nation. Most of the time this only takes just a bit of our time and effort. But to the international students, our loving acts of kindness make a world of difference.

Have you ever found yourself trying to navigate in a foreign country for the first time? Have you had a citizen of that nation come up to you and offer to help show you how things are done? If you have, you probably vividly remember your extreme gratitude for their kindness. These students are on the heart of Jesus Christ. We can be Jesus’ loving hands and feet to these them.

Is your heart stirred to help these international students?

Feel free to contact us and we will get you connected with the ministries working among these students. 

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