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YWAM ministries in Cambodia helped protect children like these, and helped ensure their future would be one of freedom and opportunity instead of exploitation.

Because of extreme poverty in many third world nations, including Cambodia, children are at risk every day to exploitation, including labor and sexual slavery. Children of all ages are either left alone fighting to protect themselves or sold by parents or family members into slavery for merely 150 US dollars. Thanks to ministries coming out of YWAM, these Cambodian children (in the picture above) are no longer at risk.

In America, human trafficking is rampant throughout the country. Most people are unaware of this fact. Young people, mostly girls, and children are kidnapped or seduced from all over the USA and forced or coerced into prostitution, pornography, or slave labor. Many are brought into the USA from underdeveloped nations, usually by promises of a better life here in America. Most of us here in the USA go about our day, not realizing that many times we may be brushing by a human that is trafficked, or trapped in a building or a house that we travel by each day. The true stories are simply unbelievable that they are going on right here in our own nation. But they are!

Human trafficking in varying forms of sexual and other exploitations is just one of many categories of horrendous injustices going on throughout the world. From what we read of God’s character in the Bible, we can tell God is severely grieved by these injustices.

Historically, there are many great testimonies of one or more people that became true disciples of Christ that went on to replace injustices with the blessings of the Kingdom of God in their society. We see in Romans 14:17 that the Kingdom of God is defined as: “righteousness (just ways) and peace (well-being in every area of life) and joy in the Holy Spirit”. This is God’s loving heart for all people.

Many people that have been set free by acts of God’s love from followers of Christ go on to give their hearts to this Jesus Christ, who cares dearly for the well-being of all people.

So whether you are a victim or perpetrator God sent His son, Jesus Christ, to pay the price by His death on the Cross for mankind’s sin (unjust ways), and the shedding of His blood to redeem mankind so they could live Kingdom of God lifestyles. All one has to do is repent (make the choice to turn away from unjust ways) and accept Jesus’ payment for his/her sins, and invite Jesus to be their Lord. Jesus will graciously come in and begin a glorious new relationship with you, and lead you into His Kingdom ways.

We, YWAM Austin Liberty Frontiers, have heard God’s call to be change-agents, bringing Kingdom of God justice to peoples trapped in the unjust ways of the world. So as God brings us people that have specific justice issues on their heart, we desire to equip them missionally and help them get established into their mission field, bringing Jesus to hopeless, desperate, and hurting people.


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