Mobilizing for Missions

PASSION FOR JESUS led this team half way around the globe to minister to the peoples of INDIA. In the picture they are helping encourage a church congregation to reach out to the people of their own nation.

Mobilizing for missions can take many forms. But the heart is to help people of all ages see that they indeed do have a significant part in Jesus’ mission of spreading the Gospel of His Kingdom throughout the earth. As part of YWAM Austin Liberty Frontier’s mission objectives, we feel it is crucial that God’s people view the world as He does (Biblically). So part of our mission is creating awareness of what God is doing in the earth today, based on God’s Biblical world view.

We love what Henry Blackaby said in his great book Experiencing God. Basically he said to pray and ask God to show you how He is already moving on the earth (in His mission) and how He wants YOU to join Him in His work (already in progress). YWAM Austin not only endeavors to live this out but desires to help mobilize and equip an army of God’s people who will join with Him in His work already in progress of spreading His Kingdom to the ends of the earth.

We believe God is helping His people expand their creative approaches to global missions for God’s purpose of accelerating the completion of the Great Commission. Isaiah 9:7 talks about God’s zeal causing the constant increase of His Kingdom. YWAM Austin wants to help mobilize people into using their God-given creative abilities to spread His Kingdom in their spheres of influence.

Boehme, in his book, The Fourth Wave (Taking Your Place in the New Era of Missions), summarizes what the new era of missions will look like. He says: “The fourth wave of modern missions will involve people of all ages and nationalities, reaching everyone in the world, using innovative technologies, and relational approaches, in all spheres of life, with every believer being missional.” We believe that is an excellent conclusion.

Join us in encouraging the Body of Christ to rise up and fulfill God’s dreams of having a body of Believers from every nation, all tribes and peoples and tongues that live to worship Him with every area of their lives. 

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