The Missionary Entrepreneur Course (TMEC)


Next TMEC runs 3/6/2016 through 5/23/2016 on Sunday and Monday evenings.

 What is TMEC?

We keep hearing the heart cry of Christian business people:

  • “If only I had more complete business skills, my business would grow.”
  • “I want to start my own business but I don’t have the time or resources to go to college to gain the needed skills.”
  • “I wish I could be more effective for God in bringing His Kingdom into my marketplace. I also wish I could learn simple practical skills how to make disciples in my sphere of influence, so I could effectively obey Jesus’ main command in Matthew 28:18-20 to ‘Go make disciples…’”.

The Missionary Entrepreneur Course (TMEC) is designed to fulfill these heart cries and much more. We have combined world class quality business start up and growth training, with some of the best marketplace ministry equipping.

Our TMEC graduates will have been trained to start and grow a strong Christian business. They should come away with a competence to make and multiply disciples for Christ, along with understanding how to manifest the Kingdom of God in their sphere’s of influence locally or globally.

The TMEC-ME Business-Ministry Model

Our main goal is to accomplish Jesus’ goal: We want to see Jesus’ Kingdom established on earth as it is in heaven as much as it possibly can be, in all segments of society, in this age of grace. We believe that through partnership with the societal domain of business / marketplace, the rest of the domains can be strategically reached. (The 7 domains are: Family, Religion, Business/Marketplace, Education, Media, Arts & Entertainment, and Government.)

Our Austin Economic and Community Development Center’s model to raise up and deploy MEs (Missionary Entrepreneurs), has four main facets. We have built an alliance relationship with Partners Worldwide (PW). Since PW has a similar four facet main focus, we are working together to establish the 4 first here in Austin, then God willing, on into other needy cities in the USA, as well as other nations.

The model:

1. Advocacy and Mobilizing
2. Combining Business and Spiritual Training
3. Mentoring and disciple-making Partnerships
4. Access to Funding Sources for Business Start-Ups and Expansions

Conclusion: Multiplication!

In Isaiah 9:7 God reveals His plan to cause His Kingdom to ever increase until it takes over everything. Therefore each facet of our applicable plans will have built in multiplication processes, to help “leaven” God’s Kingdom throughout the earth. We want to train ME’s to be “good soil” and to create good soil around them so that God’s Kingdom multiplies 100, 60, or 30 fold return as Jesus spoke in Matthew 13:23.

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