Unreached People Groups

Picture used by permission from Jan C. Schlegel. www.jan-schlegel.com

TIME IS RUNNING OUT! The UNREACHED PEOPLE GROUPS need to be reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ before they enter a Christ-less eternity.

In 1999, we founded JUBILEE GLOBAL MISSION for the purpose of answering God’s call on our lives to help reach the unreached peoples of Nepal. Shortly after this we added India.

Obviously Nepal and India will be a strong focus at YWAM Austin, but so will the other least reached peoples which mainly dwell in the 10/40 window (the area of the globe from 10º north latitude to 40º north latitude, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean).

Finally, as God brings people that are focused on other parts of the world, we will train them and help them bring the Gospel of God’s Kingdom there as well.

For the last 13 years, the “hub” of all our mission work has been to help create CHURCH PLANTING MOVEMENTS in Nepal and India.

We have decided to rename these efforts and call them DISCIPLE-MAKING MOVEMENTS. Because this title more accurately depicts Jesus’ heart desire, thereby helping all of us keep our focus on the main thing, DISCIPLE-MAKING. Church planting movements have been among the best tools yet to make disciples. BUT, we do not want to box God in and limit Him in all of His creative dreams of how He would want to see disciple-making processes birthed.

We do know that God intends to make disciples in the midst of communities of Believers. But these disciple-making communities could look so very different. So much so that we do not want hinder them by pressing the present day mind-set of what people think a “church” should look like.

In the New Testament of the Holy Bible, the Greek word for church is Ekklesia (sometimes spelled Ecclesia). This word for “church” basically means a people called out. In this case it simply means a Christian community, or a body of Believers in Christ. This Ekklesia is comprised of a world-wide body of Believers (including those now in heaven) and also is usually expressed in local communities of Believers that regularly gather together. Just so we allow room for God to dream through us, let’s leave the definition for “church” with just the simple basics above. Let’s do keep asking God how He would like us to fulfill Jesus’ command in Matthew 28:18-20 to GO MAKE DISCIPLES…

So, from our times of worship and prayer, spent in the Presence of God, we continue to invite God to DREAM HIS DREAMS through us, then work His Holy Spirit’s power through us to accomplish His disciple-making dreams.

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