Strategic Mission Alliances

The Omega Zones project is just one of many tools used by mission alliances.

Mission alliances are powerful networking relationships between ministries, non-profit organizations, churches, businesses, and individuals, all working together to accomplish certain mission objectives. We have been building many mission alliances, in one form or another, over the past 14 years all over the world. Most of these alliances have been focusing on creating or growing existing church planting movements among the unreached peoples of the world.

Each of us has a needed piece or important role to play to accomplish the bigger picture God is working in global missions.

YWAM Austin will continue to develop these global mission alliance relationships established over the last 14 years. As God brings more people for YWAM Austin to equip in missions these alliances will be great opportunities for many to plug into mission efforts with their God-given giftings and calling. Synergy is powerful!

Do you have a nation, or unreached people group, or a local or global mission objective on your heart? Let us know if YWAM Austin Liberty Frontiers can help you maximize your mission efforts. 

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