YWAM creates powerful experiential learning settings, while living in community with one another. Enjoy forging life-long friendships while obtaining excellent mission equipping.

YWAM Austin Liberty Frontiers is working to provide a variety of local and global mission equipping options. All of them help you grow in your intimate relationship with God while providing you with cutting edge local and global mission training. Since God highly values His people dwelling together in unity (Psalm 133, John 17), YWAM provides a live-learn community setting, where many fellowshipping environments help one another grow in friendship with God and each other. Most of YWAM Austin’s trainings qualify towards college degree programs from the University of the Nations. We invite you to discover God’s best for your life.

We invite you to take these next STEPS:

1. PRAY – Ask God to guide you into His plan for your life. Trust and expect God to open the way for you and provide all you need to fulfill His will for you. Once you have surrendered your life to God, you are on an exciting adventure in discovering and walking in God’s will for your life. Enjoy your journey with God.

2. MAKE YOUR CHOICE – After you have sensed God leading you, then step out in faith and sign up for the Austin Urban Discipleship Training School (AUDTS). This prerequisite school opens the doors for you to pursue a number of different powerful paths in local and global missions through YWAM’s 1200 operating locations in more than 160 nations of the world.

3. BEGIN THE PROCESS – Contact us to discuss your desired path and fill out an application for the AUDTS.

4. AFTER YOU ARE ACCEPTED – We will coach you how to walk out the details of this journey. We will provide you with cutting edge information that will help you build your prayer and financial mission support team.  We will help you find and fill God’s calling on your life.

5. MISSION LIFE AFTER THE TRAINING – We have a world-wide network of contacts in a variety of ongoing local and global mission efforts. After your training we can help you get connected with the right mission efforts. Involvement could range anywhere from short-term mission internships to long term mission involvement in the nation(s) God is calling you to. We can also help you pioneer local or global mission efforts that are in line with YWAM Austin’s 5 Overall Objectives.


Austin Urban Discipleship Training School (DTS)…

AUDTS Costs…

Upcoming AUDTSs:



March 2, 2015 – August 6, 2015


March 2, 2015 – August 6, 2015

(one evening per week – to be announced)



School of Strategic Missions (SOSM)…

Upcoming SOSMs:

  • SOSM March 7, 2016 – August 5, 2016

Powerful 1 year programs to deploy to the local and global mission fields:

Mission Strategy Coordinator…


YWAM’s University of the Nations Degrees:

YWAM Austin Liberty Frontiers will be a registered location for YWAM U of N. The University of the Nations runs 900 courses and seminars each year, some of which are offered in 60 languages, at approximately 400 locations across more than 140 nations.

YWAM founder, Loren Cunningham goes on to say: “Our goal is to live out a biblical, Christian worldview in a “live-learn” environment, including international staff and leaders living alongside the students in a tight-knit community.”

“We are not victims of world problems that cannot be solved. We believe in an all powerful God working through us to change the world. We are following Jesus who said, ‘My sheep know My voice and they follow Me.’

“That is what we offer our students – the opportunity to walk with Him and make the world a better place to live. We pray the prayer He gave us, ‘Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven.’”

The U of N offers degree plans:

  • 2-year Associate’s Degree
  • 4-year Bachelor’s Degree
  • Graduate Diploma
  • Master’s Degree

For more U of N information, watch the video below and or go to

Your life can make a world changing difference! Step out in faith and go after being all that God intended you to be! (Read about YOU in Ephesians 2:10.)

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