Urban-City Missions

The people of the cities of the world like Katmandu, Nepal NEED JESUS! INVEST YOUR LIFE IN YOUR CITY. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR JESUS!

Masses of people have been migrating to the cities in search of better opportunities. Statistics show that 70% of the world’s population now lives in the cities. Cities here in America and many of the cities in the developed nations have large international populations, especially Asian cultures. So the 10/40 window is right here in our own cities.

YWAM Austin desires to partner with local churches in reaching out to the various peoples of our world’s cities, especially to these international communities. We are prayerfully designing ways to create self-reproducing, disciple-making, small groups that help people grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. This includes all kinds of practical help for these people, such as helping to develop job skills that lead to alleviating systematic poverty.

Like Austin, many cities have universities with large populations of international students in them. These students will be the next global leaders that shape our world.

Opportunities to “leaven” the Kingdom of God throughout our cities are numerous.

Jesus wants His people to pour His love out, in many practical ways, upon the peoples dwelling in cities.


Join with us in transforming our spheres of influence by taking the Gospel of God’s Kingdom to the peoples of our world’s cities. YWAM Austin can help equip you with practical skills and opportunities to bless the peoples of your city.

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